Soil Formats

Updated Oct 31, 2018

This document describes the details of how Climate FieldView expects soil sample results to be formatted for ingestion into the FieldView platform. While FieldView may accept variations from this specification, partners should not expect or rely upon support for anything other than what is documented here.

Soil Sample Uploads


The Modus 1.0 specification and supporting documentation and files can be found here: In particular, please note that Element names and ModusTestIDs, while not constrained by the schema, are defined in the companion documents here:

Only valid modus 1.0 xml files are supported. Additionally they must also contain the following properties:

  • EventCode - max length of 64 bytes
  • EventDate - ISO8601 format
  • SoilSample - <= 20k entries
  • Depth - <= 50 entries
  • LabName - non-empty
  • StartingDepth - 0-36 inclusive
  • EndingDepth - 1-36 inclusive
  • ColumnDepth - (EndingDepth - StartingDepth)
  • DepthUnit - must be Inches
  • Geometry - wgs84 Point

All valid Modus elements may be submitted and FieldView will store them. Specific feature support for each element will evolve over time as new capabilities are added to the system. At present, the following elements are supported for use in visualization and/or modeling:

  • OM (%)
  • pH
  • CEC (meq/100 g)
  • P (ppm)
  • K (ppm)

While units are not constrained by the Modus 1.0 specification, FieldView supports a specific set of units that must be used:

  • percent
  • ppm
  • meq/100 g
  • cmol/kg
  • lb/ac


The following variations on "pounds per acre" are also supported by FieldView, but since they are specifically excluded by the Modus 2.0 specification we recommend not using them.

  • lbs/ac
  • lb/acre
  • lbs/acre
  • pounds/ac
  • pounds/acre
  • OM (%)
  • pH
  • CEC (meq/100 g)
  • P (ppm)
  • K (ppm)

Partners should send one soil sample results file per field.  Files spanning multiple fields may be rejected during processing.

Field assignment is done using a spatial overlap calculation of the boundaries in the prescription and the active field boundaries of an account.


In addition to the file, metadata will be posted to the api.  The following keys may optionally be passed: brandId, sourceId.  The brandId parameter is an id generated by FieldView and supplied to the partner.  This will allow the FieldView apps to style and brand content from the partner correctly.  The sourceId is an optional parameter which the partner may supply, which represents the unique identifier, of the asset, in the partner’s system.


Metadata tags should be supported in a mechanism similar to the one provided in the POST v4/uploads/ API as documented in the Parameters section in the technical documentation.


Corrections to soil sample results are not currently accepted by the FieldView.